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Moving Connections is a professional moving company offering movers, moving services and moving help in South Jordan, Utah

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Do you want worry free moving with a local Utah Moving Services company with a proven track record? Think Moving Connections.

Would you like to use a professional moving service that has its roots in Utah? Once again, that’s Moving Connections.

Would you prefer to use a professional Utah Moving Services company that is federally licensed, bonded, and insured? Moving Connections is federally licensed, bonded, and insured for your security.

If you would like to hire a company that has all of the above qualities and still has affordable, up front rates and responsive service, then Moving Connections is your local moving company.

Moving Connections is in the business of moving families and individuals. That’s why we work closely with you to coordinate a seamless transition to your new home.

Of course, we also move businesses, whether it be just a small office move or a large corporate relocation.

Get A Moving Quotes Online

These days there are few moving companies that provide Get A Moving Quotes and Moving Connections is one of them. Whether they are accurate or not, we don't know, but one thing is for sure - from all the options out there, Moving Connections' instant online moving quote is one of the most reliable and accurate. Filling out our quick online moving quote is easy and straight forward. Moving Connections instantely emails you an accurate Moving Estimate. Your moving quote is tailored specifically to your weight and location. And don't be confused about moving quote and moving estimate. Among moving companies moving quote and moving estimate are used almost interchangeably. Get Your Free Moving Estimate

Corporate Moves in South Jordan, Utah

When you need to move a business, you want to make certain that you’re dealing with experienced professionals. That’s why it’s important to check out the credentials of Moving Connections.

First of all, Moving Connections fields the best moving teams in the state. That’s because we hire only moving crew members with years of experience in the moving industry. So they know how things are done and are quick, smooth, and efficient in their work.

Second, Moving Connections is federally licensed and is also bonded and insured in accordance with federal regulations. So you can have peace of mind when you hire a crew from Moving Connections because you know you’re covered.

Third, Moving Connections will quote you a fair price for your move according to the information that you give us. Our rates are straightforward and clear: you pay for our crews’ driving and labor time, plus boxes and tape. There are no add-on fees or junk fees or surcharges or taxes. It’s just time plus boxes and tape. Even the stretch wrap is free.

Labor Only Moves in South Jordan, Utah

A “labor only” move is a cost saving measure for those who need to save a lot of dollars and who don’t mind doing some of the work of the move themselves. And the more work the customer does, the more the customer saves.

The way it works is this: you provide your own truck (you can rent up to and including a 26 foot truck before you need to have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)). Moving Connections provides a labor only professional moving crew who will wrap the heavy furniture and other large items while you pack the smaller household things.

Moving Connections’ professional moving team will still load everything on the truck and strap it and secure it according to professional standards. Once that’s done, you’ll drive the truck to its new destination and unload and unpack the items yourselves.

This can save you a bundle of money and can work out well if you’re the do-it-yourself type of person.

So give us a call at Moving Connections and ask one of our service representatives to give you a cost comparison between a labor only move and a full service residential move. Or, if you prefer, you can take a look at our residential move full service package to see if you would like to spend a little bit more in order to leave everything in the hands of the professional movers at Moving Connections.

Either way, you’ll get great moving service with Moving Connections.

Residential Moves in South Jordan, Utah

While some might benefit from saving money with a labor only move, most feel that they benefit more from a Moving Connections full service residential move. That’s why it remains our most popular moving option by far. Most customers enjoy the convenience of leaving the hassles of moving to the professionals.

When you select the Moving Connections full service move, two (or more) men will show up in a clean, 26 foot moving truck stocked with all the essentials: professional grade quilted moving blankets, moving pads, hand trucks, furniture dollies, piano boards, lots of stretch wrap, dozens of boxes of various sizes, many rolls of tape, and whatever else your particular move might require.

They will professionally wrap, pack, load and secure your items on the truck and take them to their new home, where they will unload and unpack them according to your instructions. Everything is done for you by professionals with years of experience. So your move is practically carefree.

And that’s our goal at Moving Connections: to make every full service move smooth and seamless.

To get moving help for your next South Jordan move call 801. 532. 6683 or email Moving Connections at

As you learn more about Moving Connections, you’ll see why we have emerged as a top tier Utah Moving Services company.