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What is a moving quote?

Moving quotes are offers to do a move using a specified set of parameters.

Moving Connections Instant Moving Quote has won awards for both speed and utility. Over the years Moving Connections has helped thousands of apartment dwellers and households properly plan for and budget their moves.

    Minimum Hours are generally higher during peak summer months and lower during the winter. You can check the minimum for your move date by getting an online moving quote or see below:

  • Summer rates for 2 men and a truck between 05/26 - 10/15 : $139/hr and 4 Hrs Min
  • Fall rates for 2 men and a truck between 10/16 - 12/15 : $139/hr and 3 Hrs Min
  • Winter rates for 2 men and a truck between 12/16 - 03/15 : $139/hr and 3 Hrs Min
  • Spring rates for 2 men and a truck between 03/15 - 05/25 : $139/hr and 3 Hrs Min

  • Note: Additional men $45/hr
    When you book with us your spot is automatically secured on our calendar

Labor Only

  • All year around : $110/hr

What is a moving estimate?

A moving estimate is if you’re moving out of state or to St. George, etc. We will come to your home and give you an estimate for your entire job. The estimate will be a fixed dollar amount. Standard moving guidelines are that a moving company must be within 10% of their moving estimate. Moving Connections’ moving estimate will be exact and unchanging!

5 Factors That Determine A Moving Quote

  • The weight and size of your belongings — The more stuff you have the longer the move. When you have lived in one household for years, it is easy to accumulate large amounts of furniture, books and such to fill the space. Think of moving as a time to simplify your life, e.g. reducing your moving weight by selling or donating items could mean huge savings.
  • The distance between your origin and destination — The greater the distance the longer the move.
  • Full Service and Labor Only moving costs: See Above
  • Cost of Supplies — e.g. Boxes and Packing Paper
  • Customer Specified Specific Assignments — Customers often ask us to do the following:
    • Take apart and reassemble beds etc.
    • Take some items to charity and other items to the city dump at the conclusion of a job
    • Connect and disconnect washers and dryers
    • Intermediate trip to customers storage unit or family and friends homes.
    • Customers request to take some of their items to our storage

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Our online quote engine is easy to use (click on one of the round red buttons at the top of this page), or you can call us at (801) 532-6683 (mnemonic: 801-532- MOVE) and one of our professional staff will be happy to help you book a move or answer questions you might have about your move and how we can help.

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