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Moving Connections strives to keep our prices simple and competitive. Our hourly rates for local moving and flat rates for Long-Distance moving are the best among the top moving companies in Utah. We have no travel surcharges and no taxes, in fact we have no additional charges at all. The Best Mover in Utah is Moving Connections

Full Service Rates and Minimum Hours You can check rates and minimum hours for your move date by getting an online moving quote or see below:

    Minimum Hours are generally higher during peak summer months and lower during the winter. You can check the minimum for your move date by getting an online moving quote or see below:

  • Summer rates for 2 men and a truck between 05/26 - 10/01 : $149/hr and 4 Hrs Min
  • Fall rates for 2 men and a truck between 10/02 - 12/15 : $139/hr and 3 Hrs Min
  • Winter rates for 2 men and a truck between 12/16 - 03/15 : $139/hr and 3 Hrs Min
  • Spring rates for 2 men and a truck between 03/16 - 05/25 : $139/hr and 3 Hrs Min

  • Note: Additional men $45/hr
    When you book with us your spot is automatically secured on our calendar

Labor Only

  • All year around : $110/hr

** SUNDAY RATES: Emergency moves only. Call for pricing.

Min Monthly Storage Fee: $200 up to 10' x 10'
Up to Three Bedroom Home: $315/month 10' x 20'

Note that all moves whether they are Full Service or Labor Only require a deposit to book your move. The deposit is $100 for a 2 movers Full Service or 2 movers Labor Only jobs. And $150 for a 3 movers Full Service or 3 movers Labor Only jobs. And of course your deposit is always subtracted from your move total at the end of your job. Please note that you can change or cancel your move date without losing your deposit as long as you give us notice at least three business days before your scheduled move day. If you do need to delay or cancel your move let us know by voicemail, email or text.

Logistics & Timing

We run 3 moving crews which start from our 412 E 300 S, SLC store. Morning jobs start about 7:45 AM. Your time starts when we leave our office and ends when we unload the last piece off the truck. Said another way you pay to get us to you and we pay to get ourselves home. This works because we gave you 30 minutes of free return travel. (So at greater distances from us there will be additional billed travel time over 30 minutes from your destination back to our store.) As soon as they finish their morning jobs they are available for afternoon jobs. Afternoon jobs usually start around 1 or 2 PM, but there is no exact start time. But you never need to wait around. The men will call you as they are finishing up their morning jobs giving you at least a 30 minute advance notice. If you want to go to lunch or something simply call the office at lunch time and we will call out to the morning crew to see how big their jobs are and how long before they're finished.

We take booking very seriously. Probably because we get at least 1 or 2 calls a week from customers saying their booked moving company never showed up. This doesn't happen to us because we open a booking screen and take your name, phone number, origin and destination addresses, email for a booking confirmation and credit card for a deposit. You are then automatically placed on our calendar. Once there on our calendar on a specific day our system turns away any other customer that wants your day. Because our system won't book other customers on your booked day, you will lose your deposit if you don't give us at least 3 business days notice of a changed date or cancellation let us know by voicemail, email or text.

We are a Professional and Licensed Moving Company
Call us at 801-532-6683 to book your move by phone.
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