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Moving Connections is a professional moving company offering movers, moving services and moving help in Orem, Utah

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If you’re looking for a local, professional moving service that can smooth out the wrinkles and bumps of moving a family or business, then consider Moving Connections.

At Moving Connections, we are in the business of moving people, not objects. We understand that being uprooted and relocating to a new neighborhood or city can be traumatic. That’s why we strive to make your Orem move a seamless transition to your new home.

Moving Connections is a local moving company that is affordable and yet professional.

Moving Connections is federally licensed, bonded, and insured.

Moving Connections hires only experienced moving crews.

Get A Moving Quotes Online

These days there are few moving companies that provide Get A Moving Quotes and Moving Connections is one of them. Whether they are accurate or not, we don't know, but one thing is for sure - from all the options out there, Moving Connections' instant online moving quote is one of the most reliable and accurate. Filling out our quick online moving quote is easy and straight forward. Moving Connections instantely emails you an accurate Moving Estimate. Your moving quote is tailored specifically to your weight and location. And don't be confused about moving quote and moving estimate. Among moving companies moving quote and moving estimate are used almost interchangeably. Get Your Free Moving Estimate

Office Movers in Orem, Utah

Business owners like to get things done, and they don’t like “down time”. That’s why we at Moving Connections try to keep businesses up and running even while we’re moving them. Because every minute you’re down could mean a lost sale. We sympathize with businesses because we are a business and we know how critical it is to stay connected with potential clients. So we do our best to make your Orem corporate relocation a seamless transition to its new home.

Labor Only Movers in Orem, Utah

Moving Connections is a Moving Company offering a service called the “customer pack” move. This economy moving service allows you to provide the moving truck and driver, plus you pack most of the household goods, and Moving Connections provides the Orem loading crew. That is, you can save money by doing much of the labor intensive work yourselves. Moving Connections’ crew will wrap and load the heavy items onto the truck you have rented while you continue to pack the smaller, lighter, and less fragile items yourselves.

Depending on the size of your move, this could save you some money since we charge by the hour plus packing supplies (no fees for equipment use, or taxes, etc.)

Residential Movers in Orem, Utah

Home Movers in Orem, Utah

Moving a family or just yourself can be a frenetic experience, bordering on traumatic. There are dozens of loose ends to connect, and thousands of details to look after. At such a time, the last thing you need is more fires to put out, more worries. Why not give yourself a rest and leave the details of moving to the professionals at Moving Connections?

We’ve done this before, and we know how to make a move go smoothly. You can spend the time tending to other pressing matters while we provide you with the benefits of a Moving Connections full service move, including some peace of mind.

To get moving help for your next Orem move call 801. 532. 6683 or email Moving Connections at