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Moving Connections is a professional full service Moving Company serving customers throughout Utah. Our Full Service is a package deal including the men, truck, blankets and equipment. There are no additional taxes or charges of any kind. So, the bottom line becomes exceedingly simple. Take the total number of hours for your job and multiply by the hourly rate. Our package deal for two men and the truck is $98 per hour and our rate for three men and a truck is $130 per hour. Also ask about our labor only jobs.

How To Move An Upright Piano

Moving Connections professonal mover Jason shows us how to move an upright piano using a furniture dolly, how to go over the threshold, how to use a piano ramp, and how to secure a piano on a moving truck. He also discusses how to use a 6-wheel dolly to go down steps or through the yard.

Moving Connections shows how to properly use an appliance dolly to move appliances like freezers and refrigerators.