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If you cannot find specific moving information anywhere else, this 'Moving Resources' section is the place to be! Better still, if you need some area of Moving and Shipping further clarified and thrashed out send us an email request to have your question and its discussion shown below.

Moving Resources

senior moving

Senior Moving

Seniors often have special situations in which they might require assistance in moving furniture, carpets and paintings, etc., within their own homes. Moving Connections has special rates and reduced minimums for this service. Click on the “Learn More” button to find out specifics about these rates, and how we can help those who have given so much to us younger generations

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piano moving

Piano Moving

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discount coupon

Discount Coupon

Click on the “Learn More” button to find out about discounts and coupons that Moving Connections offers. Find out how you can save more with this federally licensed and insured moving company that has a 4.7 Star rating (out of 5 Stars) Google.

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moving videos

Moving Videos

If you want to know how to move heavy or tricky items, or how to load a truck, take a look at some of our videos. You’ll get an insider’s view of the techniques and equipment used to move an upright piano or a large gun safe. You can also find videos on strategies for loading trucks and for securing your goods on board. Just click on the “Learn More” tab and navigate from there.
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moving tools

Moving Calculators & Tools

Moving Connections wants your next move to be hassle-free. Knowing the weather for your moving day, your expected travel time, and the weight of all your household furniture are all very important things to know to make your next move as easy as possible. That's why we offer these useful moving tools.
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moving faqs

Moving FAQs

Take the confusion out of moving by visiting Moving Connections' Frequently Asked Questions page.
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moving quote

How To Book A Move

It’s never too early to book your move!
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moving reviews

Moving Reviews

We are a locally owned business that depends on positive word-of-mouth for business. We would greatly appreciate you recommending our business to your friends, family and neighbors. An easy way to do this is by adding brief comments or reviews to our listing on...
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pricing and move timing

Move Pricing & Deposits

We charge $95/hour* for two men a full size 26 foot moving truck, blankets, tools, equipment, stretch wrap etc. are all included.
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movers in salt lake city

Moving Agreement

An hourly rate moving contract allows a moving company to charge you a set price per hour or work they do, plus other potential charges.
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car shipping

Car Shipping

Although it may seem confusing at first, having your car transported is a fairly simple process. The first step to successfully shipping your vehicle is having a realistic timeline...
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