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How do you choose a moving company when you get different search results for moving company, moving quote, Utah movers, Salt Lake City moving company, moving services etc., etc.?

Probably the first thing you should do is to make sure the moving company you select is a reputable moving service. They should have been in business for a while, have experienced moving personnel, adhere to moving industry standards, and be professional.

If they have all these attributes and are federally licensed and insured, too, that’s a big plus for your peace of mind.

If they provide various levels of service – such as “Labor Only” moves (see below) as well as traditional “Full Service” moves, then you know you’re on the right track.

In addition, if they provide a whole range of moving support services – such as car moving, staging, handyman work, furniture and playground equipment assembly, etc.,

If after all this, they have straightforward, clear, and consistent and fair pricing policies, you know you have a gem of a company.

Moving Connections has all of these attributes and also offers palleted freight as well as “small package” shipping (up to 150 lbs. for small packages, over that is considered freight) for items that you might want to ship separately.

On top of all that, through our shipping company, The Shipping Connection, we have a huge line of various size and shape boxes, including special boxes for paintings, mirrors, guitars, skis, etc. Not to mention the tape dispensers, mattress bags, tape rolls, stretch wrap rolls, bubble wrap, foam peanuts, and many other supplies that we carry for “Do-It-Yourselfers”. We also offer these in bulk sizes or amounts at discount prices.

Moving Connections is a professional, full service moving company serving the Western United States. We provide local service throughout Utah as well as interstate moving services. Moving Connections has been in service for more than thirty years, providing shipping, moving, and packaging supplies to its clients.

We at Moving Connections can provide you with details on how to plan your move, and what service to select: the Full Service Move, or the Labor Only Move.

The Full Service Move is the traditional move where a full-sized moving truck – with all the equipment and supplies needed for your move -- comes to your residence with an experienced, professional moving crew of two or three men. They will wrap, pack, and load your goods according to the highest industry standards, then transport them to your new destination, where they will unload it to your specifications. This move is our most popular option.

The other main option is the Labor Only Move. If you select this option, a professional moving crew will show up at the appointed time and will professionally load your items on a truck that you have rented and that you will drive to your new location. The advantage of this is that you have experienced professional movers loading your truck so that your goods will be snugly secured inside and not able to jostle and topple during your drive. Unloading is uncomplicated and doesn’t require professionals, unless you’re unloading very large and heavy items, such as concert grand or baby grand pianos, or gun safes, etc. But loading is best done by professionals because it requires know-how in order to do it right.

That being said, the Labor Only Move can save you a lot of money. But if you plan poorly, it can cost you much more money, plus a lot of frustration in the end. Consider, for example, the situation where you rented a truck that is just too small to accommodate all your goods, and you’re left over with twenty boxes that you can’t move. You will either have to ship them via a small package company, or put them in storage until someone can pick them up. Both of those options are very time consuming and expensive, and they can set your move way behind schedule. So be certain to rent a truck that is large enough to accept all your goods.

If you want some help determining what size truck you need, then click here to visit our site that will help you to decide. It basically comes down to how many bedrooms you have and whether you have a lot of items in them or just a normal amount. Whatever, there are two things to remember: 1) it’s always best to err on the side of “a little too big” than not big enough, and; 2) If you need a truck larger than 26’, you will need a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) for each person who intends to drive it.

Also, if you do some of the packaging yourself, be certain to get good professional advice on how to pack your goods. Common mistakes are stacking plates rather than setting them on their sides (within boxes that have crumpled newspaper or some other cushioning material underneath them, of course), or not providing any cushioning along the sides or tops of boxes containing fragile items. If you’re not familiar with how to do these things correctly, or feel you need a refresher course, just click here to take you to the Moving Connections’ Packing and Loading Tips site.

Whatever you decide, Moving Connections pledges to make your move a safe and smooth transition to your new location.