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Long Distance Moving

Moving Connections gives you Long Distance Moving options:

a. FULL SERVICE: long distance moves
b. LONG DISTANCE: do-it-yourself moves using PODs and Pallets
c. LONG DISTANCE: do-it-yourself moves using rental trucks
d. LONG DISTANCE: small door to door moves


Moving throughout Utah and the Western United States

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Moving Connections is a moving company you can trust

Steps to book your Full Service Interstate Move:

Step 1 is to get on online moving quote at

Step 2 Email us at and give us your origin and destination address, phone number and your desired move date(s). This is to have Moving Connections i.e. us come to your location and do a walk thru.

Long Distance moving estimates for an interstate move can only be made on site, so we would need to have one of our team leaders visit your residence or business to make that estimate after viewing the items you wish to have moved.

Please call us so that Moving Connections can make an appointment with you in order to make an estimate for your move. If you’re on a mobile device, then just click here to be connected with one of our representatives who will be glad to assist you with this.

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SMALL MOVES - POD & Pallet Shipping
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Moving Connections is a full service moving company

One of the ancillary services that Moving Connections provides is wrapping, packing, and loading of items onto a POD or pallet. We can also provide 2-3 day air express shipping for palletized items (we palletize) at very reasonable rates. To find out more about these services, please call us.

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RENTAL TRUCKS: Uhaul, Penske, Budget - Labor Only Movers

When you're using moving truck rentals Moving Connections can provide Moving Labor and other moving services to make your move both economical and professional.

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Moving Connections can provide the expertise to safely protect and load your valuable possessions and the muscle for those heavy items you just can’t get on your own.

Our cheerful labor only moving crews are the best in the business. They will load your rental trucks according to the highest professional standards, making certain that your valued possessions are securely and safely stowed. This service is particularly suited to budget minded do-it-yourselfers. So give us a call if you’re a DIYer and you’d like to save some money on your move.

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Long Distance - Door To Door: Called "Shipping Connections' 1 And 2 Bedroom Small Moves." These are moves throughout the Western United States and usually cost between $1800-2800 depending on where you are moving and how big your move is. Often less than $2500!.

Long Distance Small Moves in Utah and the Western U.S.

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Moving Connections can provide the expertise to safely protect and load your valuable possessions and the muscle for those heavy items you just can’t get on your own.

Moving Connections' partner Shipping Connections has always been our specialist in small moves. If you have less than 10 boxes or so Shipping Connections, an authorized shipper for UPS and FedEx, will send your boxes by UPS or FedEx ground. If you have more than 10 boxes and only a few pieces of small furniture Shipping Connections will paletize your items and freight them to your destination city.

If you have a studio apartment, or 1 or even 2 small bedroom apartment or small storage unit Shipping Connections will pickup your items at your origin and deliver, on your specified day, your items to you at your destination. We call this "Shipping Connections' 1 And 2 Bedroom Small Moves" throughout The Western United States. What's the big deal? The big deal is money and timing.

Ground shipping will cost in the hundreds. Pallet shipping will cost around a thousand. These "Shipping Connections' 1 And 2 Bedroom Small Moves" will often cost less than $2500 anywhere throughout the Western US. And we'll pick up your items on the specific day you request and deliver your items to your designated destination on the day you specify.

Moving Connections has partnered with Shipping Connections to bring prices down in long distance moving industry. We wanted to make state to state moving affordable for all of us on limited budgets. Moving Connections wants to be the "go-to" moving company for all small moves throughout the Western U.S.

When you think small moves, think Moving Connections!

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Affordable Long Distance Small Moves

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