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How To Find A Moving Company

Moving Connections Is A Local And Long-Distance, Full-Service Mover.

Moving Companies normally offer all types of Moving Services, including the following.

Labor Only: You have a Penske or U-Haul, a POD or trailer and you need a couple men to help you load or unload. Usually charged by the hour.

Packing: Boxing and Packing small items like dishes, glassware, books, lamps, clothes, etc. This packing can be part of a labor-only (see above) or part of a full-service, local or long-distance move (see below). Usually charged by time plus materials.

Local Movers: For your residence or office moves. A moving truck and usually 2 or 3 men show up and pack your non-furniture items if you haven’t already packed. They then take apart your beds and desks as needed. Stretch wrap chests of drawers and other furniture with swinging or moving doors and drawers. They then blanket wrap your furniture and load everything into the truck. The load intertwines your boxes and furniture in such a way as to lock everything in place to prevent movement during transport between your origin and destination. Usually charged by time, in other words, the number of hours plus materials used.

Long-Distance Moves: These are moves across state lines.

Under 2,000 lbs. and with mainly non-bulky items can be shipped on a pallet at a great savings over normal moving. 1,000 to 4,000 lbs., especially with some bulky items (for example, beds and chest-of-drawers) are most economically moved by PODs and trailers, especially when sent across the country. Over 4,000 lbs., especially with many bulky items, are best moved in a moving truck. Under 10,000 lbs. and less than 1,000 miles can often be done for much lower prices. Usually someone must come to your location and do a visual inspection for long-distance moves. If your time requirements for delivery are flexible you can ask about piggybacking your load, that is, sharing the truck with another customer.

International Moving: Done with wooden lift vans built to be picked up by forklift. Dimensions of 7’ x 4’ x 7’. Also done with metal containers, 20 feet or 40 feet long. Both are usually loaded by a moving company and sent by ship to many parts of the world, but most often to Europe and Asia. Plan around 6 weeks.

Specialty Moves: Pianos, gun safes, pool tables, jacuzzis, built-in items, home theater systems, some types of exercise equipment, etc.

Specialty Packing: Crating. Done with high-value, fragile items like paintings, natural stone, glass table tops, displays, etc.

Moving Connections is a full service Moving Company, licensed to move to all 50 states and to most of the world.

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