Moving Connections

Staging Services

What is staging services?

Among Moving Connections’ professional crews there are personnel experienced in staging homes that are being put up for sale.

Staging a home simply means that you leave a few items of furniture here and there plus some other items to make it look more like a home than an impersonal, empty box. This helps your home to sell more quickly and at a better price for you, the seller.

Staging makes the house look far more personal, plus it gives the potential buyer a much better idea of how the place would look when they move in their chairs, pictures, mirrors, window dressings, rugs, etc.,

Staging has been shown to enhance home sellers’ chances of success in selling their homes.

For instance, Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation found that staged homes usually sell for 6% above the asking price. And the National Association of Realtors found that a 1-3% investment in staging a home yielded an 8-10% return. So you’re far ahead of the game when you make the investment to stage your home.

For this reason, Moving Connections provides home staging help as one of its added services.