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Moving Notifications Details

  • 1. Associations, Clubs, Lodges, Religious/Spiritual Organizations
    • Alumni Associations
    • Health Clubs
    • House of Worship
    • Professional Organizations
    • Swimming Pool memberships
  • 2. Banks/Credit Unions
    • Auto loans
    • Checking Accounts (Checks with new address)
    • Credit Cards
    • Home Equity
    • IRAs
    • Mortgage
    • Safe Deposit Box
    • Savings Account
  • 3. Business
    • Business Associates
    • Business Cards (order new ones if applicable)
    • Current employer/Old employer/New employer
    • Customers/Clients/Prospects, if appplicable
  • 4. Children
    • Athletic associations/teams/clubs (baseball, soccer, hockey, karate, etc.)
    • Babysitter
    • Child Care/Daycare provider
    • Diaper service
    • Lessons Teachers (Piano, voice, dance, etc.) (Get referrals.)
    • Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)
    • Schools (Get copies of transcripts)
  • 5. Delivery Services/Subscriptions
    • Dairy Procucts delivery (milk man)
    • Dry Cleaning pick-up and delivery
    • Food delivery (Grocery Store, Meals on Wheels, Diet Foods, Health Food/Supplements)
    • Magazines
    • Newspaper
    • Pharmaceutical Supplies (Insulin, etc.)
    • Water delivery service
  • 6. Government Agencies/Services
    • Courts (especially for traffic tickets or local disputes)
    • Department of Motor Vehicles
    • IRS (form 8822)
    • Passport
    • Post office (Temporarily forward mail)
    • Social Security Administration
  • 7. Medical/Health
    • Chiropractor
    • Dentist
    • Doctor/Physician (Family Doctor, Specialists) (Get referral for new location)
    • Home Care/Nurse
    • Orthodontist
    • Pharmacy (Get year-to-date expense summary for taxes)
    • Physical Therapist
  • 8. Personal
    • Family members
    • Friends
    • Luggage tags (replace existing ones)
    • Return Address labels (order new ones)
  • 9. Pets
    • Pet Sitter
    • Dog Walker
    • Pet Day Care
    • Veterinarian (Get vet records and recommendations)
  • 10. Services
    • Accountant/tax preparer
    • Attorneys
    • Broker
    • Cell Phone provider
    • Credit Bureaus
    • Credit Card issuers
    • House Cleaning service
    • Insurance providers (auto, health, life, other vehicles)
    • Lawn Care
    • Retirement Plan holders
    • Snow Removal service
    • Swimming Pool maintenance (pool cleaning, pool opening or closing)


Our pricing is $90/hour* for 2 professional movers, a full-sized moving truck, moving blankets, dollies, tools, & stretch wrap.

Our pricing is $75/hour* for 2 professional movers and dollies.

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Inter-state moving is regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation. As a licensed mover, we will inspect the items you would like to have moved before making a binding offer. Online estimates for moves are not valid for interstate moves. Call (801) 532-6683 or toll free (888) 580-7447 to make an appointment for the estimate.

If you are moving out of state, but are renting your own truck (like a U-Haul truck), we can assist you in packing it, so that the load will not shift during the trip. If you are moving to the Wasatch Front, we can help you unload your rental truck, assemble furniture and hook up appliances for just $75/hour for 2 professional movers and dollies.

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Individual moving supplies, moving supplies in convenient, pre-arranged kits, and moving equipment. Take a look at the possibilities.